pallet parties

Great gift ideas for: teachers, co-workers, bosses, secretaries, stocking stuffers, wedding, birthdays, etc.

Prices are listed below, as well as on each page.

The prices vary depending on supplies and time needed to create the work. Please keep in mind that a large order can take a week or more.

Flower arrangements are available for custom vases, but will increase the price.

Things that can be added to jars: spice tea mix, hot chocolate, s'mores mix, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered pretzels, candy corn, marshmallows, or reindeer food. Some things are seasonal for inside the jar and are not available all year round.

Some of these can come with fun poems: pumpkin "poop," turkey "poop," reindeer "poop," snowman "poop," magic reindeer food, or our hot chocoate poem.




medium $10.00
small $7.00
Wine Glasses 1 glass $9.00
2 glasses $15.00
    Wine glasses may be filled with goodies, or a small candle. Prices will increase with something inside.
Jars large $15.00
medium $10.00
small $6.00
shaker jar $4.00

Jars can be filled with goodies or left empty. Prices will increase with something inside them. There is no extra charge for a poem.

Vases   Prices will vary, and they are listed with the image. An addition of a flower arrangement will increase the price.

Orders of 3 or more will be discounted.

If you do not live locally, I will take Paypal payments. Email me for information. Shipment will be added to the price.

If your piece is ever damaged, please email me a picture, and I will do my best to replace it.



  Glass Decor for Fall: Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.  
  Glass for Winter: Christmas, holidays, etc.  
  Glass for Spring & Summer: beach, flowers, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.  
  Miscellaneous Glass Decor: inspirational, sports, etc