pallet parties

Inspirational, sports, etc.

Prices are listed below each image, as well as the bottom of the page. All pieces can be painted on other things upon request.

Paintings can also be personalized. For example, "Grandma's Sippy" can be made into "Nana's Sippy."

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  mom sippy   dad sippy   gma sippy   football
  Mommy's Sippy Cup
Price: $9.00
  Daddy's Suppy Cup
Price: $9.00
  Grandma's Sippy Cup
Price: $9.00
  Football glasses
Price: $10.00 for 1, or $18.00 for both
  deer   camo glass   step forward   inspire
  Deer Glass
Price: $10.00
  Camo Wine Glass
Price: $9.00
  Inspirational Jars- "Just take one step at a time...That's really all you can do."
Price: $12.00
  Inspiration drinking glasses
Price: sold, but will paint again at request
  his hers      

Beer mug painted with various ways to say "Cheers."
Price: sold, will paint again at request


His and Hers margarita glasses
Price: sold, will paint again at request

  Personalized glasses for bridal party
Price: $18.00 per glass; multiple glasses will be discounted. Painted upon reguest to match party.




medium $10.00
small $7.00
Wine Glasses 1 glass $9.00
2 glasses $15.00
    Wine glasses may be filled with goodies, or a small candle. Prices will increase with something inside.
Jars large $15.00
medium $10.00
small $6.00
shaker jar $4.00

Jars can be filled with goodies or left empty. Prices will increase with something inside them. There is no extra charge for a poem.

Vases   Prices will vary, and they are listed with the image. An addition of a flower arrangement will increase the price.

Orders of 3 or more will be discounted.

If you do not live locally, I will take Paypal payments. Email me for information. Shipment will be added to the price.